Deploymate for Mac 1.0.0 破解版 - iOS&Mac开发工具

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Deploymate 是Mac平台上一款ios开发工具,当你使用了一些在部署目标上不存在的符号时,Deploymate 就会警告你,Deploymate 还能帮你识别Xcode项目不可用的API使用,做开发的朋友们可以试试!

[Deploymate 在官网上售价19.99美元,约合人民币120元]

Deploymate for Mac 1.0.0 介绍

We've all been there. Your app is targeting an older OS version and you have used an API introduced later than your target OS. Xcode didn't warn you about it, did it? Now your app crashes :|

  1. Select your project, your target OS and run the analyzer.
  2. Review summarized scanning results show problematic API usage counts.
  3. Inspect specific warnings in a built-in source code viewer.
  4. Once problems are identified, fix them in Xcode.

Powerful source code analyzer

Deploymate features a unique source code analysis engine that will detect usage of unavailable APIs within your project and warn you early about them.

Now with command line interface

Run Deploymate from Terminal or hook it into your continuous integration server for even better workflow.

Improved analysis speed

Source code analysis has been improved starting version 1.2 and is as much as 3 times faster than previous versions.

Deploymate for Mac 1.0.0 破解版 - iOS&Mac开发工具

Deploymate for Mac 1.0.0 破解版 - iOS&Mac开发工具

Deploymate for Mac 1.0.0 破解版 - iOS&Mac开发工具

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