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Debookee 7.3.1 Mac 破解版 介绍



  • 单击ssl/tls解密为您自己和所有目标通信
  • 查看完整的HTTPS url、HTTPS报头和HTTPS响应代码(未显示完整的原始有效负载数据)
  • 解密电子邮件的通信量(很快就会在pop3/smtp/ftps上)
  • 显示完整的原始数据,而不仅仅是标题
  • 拦截你的网络上的任何设备的流量:iPhone、iPad、Android、黑莓、PC、Mac等等。现在你可以分析那些不能支持包捕获的设备的流量,比如移动、平板电脑等等。
  • 实时包捕捉分析:提取请求的细节,如:HTTP、HTTPS、DNS、TCP、DHCP。
  • LanScan Pro集成:对你的网络进行初始扫描,一个LanScan Pro的版本集成在Debookee。
  • Wifi连接细节:通道,信号强度,接入点的MAC地址。
  • 监视你周围的所有wifi设备的活动,访问点和客户端
  • 每个wifi客户端,显示数据传输/接收,%错误,数据率,%重试……
  • 报价的价格是单独的NA模块。价格信息可以在这里找到。

What's New in Debookee

Version 7.3.1:

  • NA/SSL/PRO modules: IPv6 now supported for Own Traffic (not Targets)
  • NA module: Unencrypted WebSockets are now fully displayed with NA, not PRO anymore
  • NA module: Fixed a crashing bug when stopping NA module
  • NA module: Fixed a crashing bug in specific conditions with DNS and SSL decryption
  • Updated MAC addresses vendors

Version 7.2.1:

  • PRO module: WebSocket decryption and display of full WebSocket messages content (Text & Binary)
  • LanScan: Fixed a crashing bug under specific netmask conditions
  • SSL module: Fixed a crashing bug with key shortcuts
  • Fixed cleaning of possible zombie processes if crash or weird stop
  • Fixed a bug when zipping logs under specific conditions
  • Updated MAC addresses vendors (+681)

Version 7.1.1:

  • MAC address database increased by 41%: now using MA-M, MA-S, IAB, CID databases
  • Last interface is now saved and reused on launch
  • Fixed a bug where Details Pane could have a minimum size of zero and not seen by user anymore
  • Crash if no interface were found on app launch
  • Bug if Packet Tool version was downgraded
  • Bug if Debookee didn't close properly and process were still started
  • UI bug when Certificate Authority was set
  • Bug if Home folder permissions are not correct on launch
  • WM module: Support of Unicode & emojis in SSID
  • SSL module: Fixed an UX bug if user cancel password set
  • Toolbar config is now autosaved
  • Headers are now added on first line of exported CSV
  • Increased code speed & various async & thread optimizations
  • Updated MAC addresses vendors (+10563)

Version 7.0.1:

  • First v7 version in public stable
  • HTTP & HTTPS packets content RAW description (not only headers)
  • Packet content RAW description limited to 200 lines in NA & SSL licenses (more needs PRO)
  • LanScan: Saving custom IP ranges is now possible
  • Dark Mode for macOS Mojave
  • Export of Email plugin content is now available
  • New customizable HTTP port list for PRO users (else Time Trial)
  • New keyboard shortcuts CTRL+1,2,3,4 to access various tabs in SSL/TLS and HTTP menus

Version 6.3.0:

Note: Now requires macOS 10.12 or later

  • TCP Port Scan new feature: scan discovered devices with most common TCP ports, all or custom ports
  • New TCP Ports column in LanScan view
  • Now possible to reorder LanScan columns
  • Fixed a crashing bug if several LanScan launched in a row
  • Simplified icons in LanScan view
  • Updated MAC addresses vendors (+347)
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