Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac 5.0.5 破解版 – 磁盘备份和同步工具


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Carbon Copy Cloner是一款Mac上强大的磁盘备份和同步工具,只要我们能够想到的数据同步和备份方式,Carbon Copy Cloner 都支持,支持自动备份到另一个目录、备份到移动硬盘、备份到网络硬盘等等需求,支持增量备份、计划任务备份、网络备份等功能,简单易用,非常的强大!

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Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac 5.0.5 介绍

Carbon Copy Cloner  备份比普通备份。假设不可想象的事情发生在你完成一个项目的截止日期时:你的Mac没有反应,你听到的是一个不祥的,重复的点击噪音来自硬盘驱动器。与普通的备份,你可能花一天去一家商店买了一个新的硬盘驱动器,然后坐在前面的你的电脑重新安装操作系统和恢复数据。


Version 5.0.5:

Note: Version 5 is a paid upgrade from previous versions; if you purchased CCC 4 between May 22, 2017 and August 22, 2017, you can request a free registration code via e-mail.

  • Clicking on a task-finished notification will now open the CCC application and select the relevant task.
  • Progress indication during a "Backup with Health Check" is no longer errantly indeterminate.
  • Addressed an issue that was introduced by the 10.13.2 update which causes Remote Macintosh setup to fail with an internal error
  • Fixed an issue in which CCC was unable to mount the source for an HFS+ Recovery HD cloning task
  • Custom port numbers are now supported for AFP and SMB hosts.
  • The task outlook table now correctly displays the run times for tasks configured to run weekly with a repeat interval greater than 1.
  • ZFS volume mount notifications are now handled more effectively.
  • The CCC command-line application will now exit immediately after starting a task group.
  • Made some minor improvements to CCC's task database that should make it more resilient to corruption
  • Fixed a minor window sizing issue specific to Yosemite and the dialog that is produced when disabling the SafetyNet setting
  • Suppressed an errant error message produced by High Sierra that can occur when converting a sparse disk image to a read-only format
  • Fixed a scheduling issue in which tasks would not be scheduled for the original start time hour (in local time) after a time zone switch and a restart
  • Fixed an issue in which some tasks were getting errantly marked with a "task failed" badge
  • Fixed an issue in which a backup task involving a remote Mac would stall if the source or destination volume on the remote Mac was not available
Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac 5.0.5 破解版 – 磁盘备份和同步工具-麦氪派
Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac 5.0.5 破解版 – 磁盘备份和同步工具-麦氪派
Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac 5.0.5 破解版 – 磁盘备份和同步工具-麦氪派

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