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BBEdit for Mac 11.5.2 介绍

BBEdit For Mac是著名编辑器BBEdit适用于Mac OS平台版本, 用于编辑html文件, 文本文件及程序源代码, BBEdit是全球领先的专业HTML和文本编辑器用于Macintosh。具体响应的Web作者和软件开发商,这个奖项的需要,成功的产品制作编辑提供了一个高性能的功能丰富,搜索和文本操作。智能接口可方便地到达BBEdit最好的一流的功能,包括GREP图样匹配,搜索和替换多个文件(即使未开启的远程服务器上的文件),项目定义的工具,功能导航和众多的源代码语言的语法着色,代码折叠,FTP和SFTP打开和保存,AppleScript 的,Mac OS X的Unix的脚本支持,文字和代码完成,当然还有一个强大的HTML工具配套。


Version 11.5.2:

  • Fixed bug in which initiating a drag with the mouse could happen unintentionally when clicking on draggable objects.
  • Fixed crash and malfunction which could occur in certain situations when converting Unicode data from a non-Unicode on disk representation in zero-length files.
  • Made a change to reduce the transient memory requirements when performing a non-Grep Replace All operation using a replace string that is longer than the search string.
  • Made a change so that text factories and multi-file Replace All operations avoid running out of address space when processing an extremely large number of files.
  • Fixed crash which would occur when trying to change the name of a "Favorite" in the font panel.
  • Fixed bug in which a document's Undo history was cleared when using "Move to New Window" from the project sidebar popup or contextual menu.
  • Made some changes to address lurking concurrency problems during package loading.
  • Improved the performance of "Strip trailing whitespace" when saving documents and the eponymous preference is turned on in the Text Files preferences.
  • If a file-based Unix script or filter isn't usable because of its on-disk representation (as when choosing it from the Apply Text Filter or Scripts menus), an informative error is now reported.
  • Fixed bug in which heredoc strings in Unix Shell Script documents were not colored using the proper color.
  • Fixed a bug in the VHDL and Verilog HDL language modules that would cause unexpected coloring effects (which sometimes corrected themselves during editing, and sometimes not).
  • The Live Search box no longer displays the magnifying glass (the system draws it incorrectly on retina displays, and won't be corrected).
  • Made some adjustments to the Replace All sheet for text factories to correct font usage and allow reasonable behavior when resizing the sheet.
  • Fixed cosmetic glitch in results windows, along the boundary between the splitter and the text view.
  • When spell checking in HTML/XML, the checker now properly handles transitions between checkable ranges (such as CDATA body text) and non-checkable ranges (tags), so that all CDATA text will be checked, even if checking did not start inside of a CDATA range.
  • Fixed drawing glitches when changing the sidebar width in editing windows with "Show Gutter" turned off.
  • When closing a very large document without saving changes, and "Make Backups" is turned on, the auto-recovery file doesn't neeeeeeed to have trailing whitespace stripped out, so we no longer do that (and save lots of time in the process).
  • Fixed drawing glitches which would occur when combining selection-range changes and scrolling in certain circumstances.
  • When "Find Next Misspelled Word" wraps around, the "Wrap Around" indication is now displayed (as it should be).
  • Fixed case in which a text view would draw twice when loading a document and then changing its selection range to some place that required scrolling.
  • Put in code to work around a bug in the OS (16742697) which would cause the application to crash after scrolling views in an Open or Save panel (and a few other windows).
  • Fixed a crash which would occur in some situations when calculating data for the fold gutter.
  • Fixed a cosmetic glitch in which a diff-colored line would occasionally be drawn diagonally across one of the text views in a Differences window.
  • Fixed bug in which document state was not automatically saved in situations where it should have been saved when closing the document.
  • Fixed bug in which the status bar would not be drawn completely when responding to actions triggered by a status bar item's popup menu.
  • It is now possible to run Perl, Python, or Ruby files directly from an editing window, the Scripts menu, or the "Apply Text Filter" command when the file in question does not have a shebang line, as long as the document's language is set appropriately.
  • When python3 is available in a typical executable location, we will now use that to run Python scripts that don't have a shebang (#!) line.
  • Updated the built-in list of PHP predefined names so that symbols occurring in PHP embedded in HTML will be colored.
  • Fixed bug in which invisible text views (such as worksheets displaying output in a window while a different document was selected) would inappropriately bleed scrolling through to the active document.
  • When saving an already extant document, the permissions check (to determine the need for authentication) no longer checks the parent directory if the file itself appears to be writeable.
  • Fixed crash which would occur when attempting to type a callout comment at the very end of a C-family language document.
BBEdit for Mac 11.5.2 序号版 – Mac上强大专业的HTML文本代码编辑器-麦氪派
BBEdit for Mac 11.5.2 序号版 – Mac上强大专业的HTML文本代码编辑器-麦氪派
BBEdit for Mac 11.5.2 序号版 – Mac上强大专业的HTML文本代码编辑器-麦氪派
BBEdit for Mac 11.5.2 序号版 – Mac上强大专业的HTML文本代码编辑器-麦氪派
BBEdit for Mac 11.5.2 序号版 – Mac上强大专业的HTML文本代码编辑器-麦氪派

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