Aurora HDR for Mac 1.2.1 破解版 – 优秀的图片HDR特效工具


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Aurora HDR 是一款Mac上优秀的图片HDR特效工具,由Macphun公司出品,通过这款软件,可以快速的为照片添加各种HDR特效,简单易用!

[Aurora HDR在 Mac App Store上售价人民币328元]

Aurora HDR Pro for Mac 1.2.1 介绍

Aurora HDR, perfect for photographers of all skill levels, provides a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art tools for HDR photography. It’s one of the most complete and powerful HDR apps in the world. A joint project between Macphun and Trey Ratcliff, one of the world’s pre-eminent HDR photographers with over 14 million fans online, Aurora HDR can help photographers of all skill levels create amazing images.

Aurora HDR is one of the world’s most advanced and amazing HDR applications, co-developed by Macphun and Trey Ratcliff -- the world’s most famous HDR photographer. You get tools, power, flexibility and creative freedom to make amazing HDR photos in minutes, without Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or any other software.

  • HDR Excellence. Aurora HDR combines Macphun's proprietary image tone-mapping, a fun user interface and Trey’s excellent photographic vision. You get fast and powerful results for creating HDR photos with styles from completely realistic to extreme.
  • Complete Set of HDR Tools. Aurora HDR features an easy-to-use, versatile workflow that supports every style of HDR. It simplifies the creation of beautiful photos with with auto alignment and automatic deghosting technology, over 60 powerful editing tools and scores of 1-click presets developed by Trey Ratcliff and the Macphun team.
  • Presets for Instant Magic. You want amazing results, quickly? Aurora HDR presets for various photography styles will give it to you. Even create your own presets and share them with other artists.
  • Unique Editing Tools. Take advantage of custom textures, layers, brushes, image radiance, structure and detail controls, vignette and vivid colors and much more. Aurora HDR includes best-in-class toning, split-toning, color filter and even graduated neutral density tools to help you achieve fantastic results, easily!
  • Even More Power. There is no other software like Aurora HDR. Learn more about tools and features, plus watch free tutorials by pro photographers at:


Version 1.2.1:

Note: Currently available for $24.99.

  • Aurora HDR is now available in 3 new languages: German, Japanese, and Spanish.
  • We've improved Aurora HDR performance as the Photos extensions.
  • Plus added support for more RAW formats
  • And improved highlights effect and increased the speed while processing big files
  • Various other bug fixes and performance improvements
Aurora HDR for Mac 1.2.1 破解版 – 优秀的图片HDR特效工具-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)
Aurora HDR for Mac 1.2.1 破解版 – 优秀的图片HDR特效工具-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)
Aurora HDR for Mac 1.2.1 破解版 – 优秀的图片HDR特效工具-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)
Aurora HDR for Mac 1.2.1 破解版 – 优秀的图片HDR特效工具-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)
Aurora HDR for Mac 1.2.1 破解版 – 优秀的图片HDR特效工具-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)

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