Arturia V Collection 7 Mac 破解版 传奇模拟合成器音色

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Arturia公司1999年成立于法国格勒诺布尔,专门致力于为专业人士与音乐爱好者开发优秀的音乐软件和硬件产品,是Arturia公司倾注了十四年以来所有的精华技术,包含了21个精选的虚拟乐器合集。其中包括经典合成器、风琴、钢琴、表演键盘等合集。V Collection 可以说是合成器玩家理想的一站式解决方案,囊括 60 年前到现在的合成器,可以称得上是随身的传奇合成器博物馆。

[V Collection 在官网售价 299.00 美元]

Arturia V Collection 7 21.11.2019 Mac 破解版  介绍

V Collection 是Arturia公司独家开发的True Analog Emulation®和物理模拟技术,可以让他们的工程师、开发者和声音设计师能够重新百分百复刻出这些经典合成器的精华。这些硬件音色曾经几乎颠覆了这个世纪的所有流派音乐,从具有历史意义的钢琴,到革命性的数字合成器,大气的风琴到具有代表性的模拟合成器,V Collection 是所有复古合成器迷不能错过的选择。

Arturia V Collection 7 21.11.2019 have announced the arrival of the latest edition of V Collection: their flagship anthology of reimagined historic synths and keyboards. Containing 24 software instruments and thousands of preset sounds, V Collection 7 is billed as “the must-have reference for musicians, producers, sound designers, and keyboard fans”.

Legendary Keyboards Reinvented

In V Collection 7, Arturia have used modelling techniques to create accurate software versions of dozens of time-honored instruments. Their exclusive True Analog Emulation (TAE) and advanced physical modelling put these legendary instruments at your fingertips as software.

New Instruments

Mellotron V

Legendary Tape Keyboard
The original instrument redefined what keyboard players could do, unlocking the doors to orchestral and choral sounds at the touch of a key. Arturia’s reinvented versions not only features all original Mellotron tapes, but also lets you import and play your own samples with authentic tape emulation.

Synthi V

British Silver Machine
The quirky British “silver machine” that put a new spin on modular synthesis, reborn in software with new tricks up its sleeve. Advanced component modelling let Arturia model even its wild, unpredictable nature, with advanced modulation and powerful effects added to the mix.


Phase Distortion Cult Classic
The budget synth that became a legend in its own right. The instrument that brought the digital synth revolution to the masses is now at your command. Easy to program phase distortion synthesis with custom editor, huge modulation potential and effects.


Analog Lab 4
Inspire, Create, Combine, and Perform
A treasure trove of synth and keyboard sounds with effects, easy to browse, fun to control, with a new built-in live mode.

B-3 V 2

The Popular Organ Reborn
Arturia’s recreation of Hammond’s legendary organ has received a total sound engine overhaul.


Cutting Edge Presets
Over 800 brand new, modern sounds created for legacy V Collection instruments. The “hottest synths” and “chart-topping keys” are yours to explore.

Arturia V Collection 7 Mac 破解版 传奇模拟合成器音色-麦氪派

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