ArchiCAD 21 for Mac 4022 破解版 - 强大的三维建筑设计软件

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ArchiCAD 是一款Mac上强大的三维建筑设计软件,由Graphisoft出品,是当今世界上最优秀的三维建筑设计软件。最新的21版本,其基于全三维的模型设计,拥有强大的剖/立面、设计图档、参数计算等自动生成功能,以及便捷的方案演示和图形渲染,为建筑师提供了一个无与伦比的"所见即所得"的图形设计工具。

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ArchiCAD 21 for Mac 4022 介绍

从一开始,ArchiCAD是专门针对建筑师渴望伟大的设计在不影响实际需求。Graphisoft ArchiCAD的BIM(建筑信息模型)的创新解决方案,帮助您赢得更多的业务,让你专注于你的核心技能-创建鼓舞人心的设计。

ArchiCAD 19现在比以往更快!不再等待视图加载。1已经扩展了其强大的64位和背景处理多处理技术——行业领先的BIM。所以,ArchiCAD现在提供闪电般快速的响应时间和增压更新ArchiCAD使得它在BIM业务无可争议的速度领跑。



Various Enhancements And Fixes:
  • 230743 BIMcloud: automatic email notification about available licenses was ON by default.
  • 229994 CRASH: A large number of point cloud objects caused ARCHICAD to crash in the 3D Window.
  • 229639 DOCUMENT: It was not possible to filter out Doors/Windows and Skylights from the Material List in Component Schedules. The material of these elements appeared as Dotted Lines in the Schedule.
  • 230110 EDIT: Door/Window Oversize changes didn't apply on Section/Elevation Views.
  • 228570 EDIT: Drag command did not work on Views in Layout when clicking on Drawing's subelement Fill's hole edge/corner.
  • 229252 EDIT/FAVORITE: Applying a Door/Window Favorite did not apply its Sill Height.
  • 229250 EDIT/FAVORITE: Position and Structural Function category was not saved along with the Favorites.
  • 228038 EDIT/USER INTERFACE: Stair Favorite preview went wrong after selecting the stair symbol parameter set.
  • 229769 FILE/3DS/IMPORT: Prism panels moved away from each other, when the 2D view was not on their Home Story and their originating curves were changed in Rhino.
  • 214001 FILE/BCF/EXPORT: Exporting a BCF file with rotated orientation would result in a wrong camera position in other applications.
  • 230733 FILE/BIMx: Once a password was set for a BIMx publisher set, it could not be removed.
  • 230058 FILE/BIMx/EXPORT: BIMx Hyper-model export could take significantly longer if Categories and Properties were included as the Info Set.
  • 230465 FILE/EXCEL/EXPORT: From Schedules, decimals in superscript could export as wholes into Excel.
  • 230043 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: IfcTypes didn’t work for Pipe Segments and Cable Carrier Segments.
  • 228613 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: In certain cases some Walls were missing from the exported IFC.
  • 226620 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Some elements could go missing in the exported IFC file if they originated from an IFC file as well.
  • 229954 FILE/IFC/EXPORT/CRASH: ARCHICAD 21 could crash when saving IFC file with wrong Type Mapping.
  • 211307 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: Importing an IFC file could result in an empty ARCHICAD project in certain cases, even though the IFC file could be displayed in other IFC viewer applications.
  • 229463 FILE/IFC/OPEN: It was not possible to open/merge a certain IFC file.
  • 228064 FILE/MODEL/CRASH: Temporary files created from Point Clouds highly decreased the free space of the hard drive, which led ARCHICAD to crash.
  • 228760 FILE/OPEN: Missing Cadimage Add-on data could not be deleted from a project by unticking the "Keep Data" checkbox upon opening the ARHICAD file.
  • 220050 FILE/OPEN/CRASH: ARCHICAD could crash at startup if the last used User Profile contained the IFC Manager palette opened.
  • 229701 GDL: Manual Texture mapping (eg. with TEVE commands) could fail if the Object was mirrored.
  • 228045 GOODIES: Check for Duplicates add-on identified non-duplicated Morph elements as duplicates.
  • 167412 GOODIES: Construction Simulation: If Caption object was used for the movie, it was displayed in wrong scale.
  • 214520 HOTLINK: MOD file saved and imported with ""Add displayed Elements of other Stories"" option turned on worked differently with particular elements.
  • 227066 MODEL: 3D styles were not always applied when choosing them via right click from the touchpad.
  • 210355 MODEL: The Guide Line was missing when placing the first item with Routing in MEP.
  • 164862 MODEL: When opening a Detail placed on an Independent Section the Renovation Palette was not active.
  • 228712 MODEL/CRASH: If a Section/Elevation had a deleted element which was still present due to the Manual Update setting of the View, ARCHICAD crashed once a containing Curtain Wall was edited.
  • 230256 MODEL/CRASH: In certain files, regular crashes could be experienced when opening files or when using the Marquee.
  • 228459 MODEL/FREEZE: ARCHICAD could perform slow in case the project was open for a long time and the Cutting Plane was continuously turned on.
  • 228006 MODEL/FREEZE: Generating 3D model could not be finished, ARCHICAD consumed all the memory if connection of model elements contained lots of polygons.
  • 228454 MODEL/REBUILD: If a View in Navigator was rebuilt, it used the currently active corresponding viewpoints scale.
  • 228030 MODEL/USER INTERFACE: Faulty background image textures caused the background image to appear in front of the Model.
  • 215006 MODEL/USER INTERFACE: On a Worksheet with Far from Origin content, display problems could occur while zooming.
  • 230732 TEAMWORK: Teamwork Errors could happen when new elements were created with copying them.
  • 212747 TEAMWORK/BIM Server/BIMcloud: Teamwork pop-up messages containing a request handled via the Teamwork Palette did not disappear, thus blocking from view of the user later messages.
  • 230368 USER INTERFACE: For Ultra High Definition (4K) screens, mouse cursor appeared small inside ARCHICAD in Windows 10 with Display Scaling enabled.

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