Alien Skin Exposure X2 for Mac 破解版 – 模拟胶片效果调色滤镜


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Alien Skin Exposure X2 是一款Mac平台的Photoshop模拟胶片效果调色滤镜,但各种胶片效果的处理,一般技术水平的人还是要费很大的功夫。如何高效地使用PS成为众多摄影师需要考虑的问题。而Photoshop胶片滤镜正是为摄影师解决难题的最佳方案,能够迅速将照片调出各种胶片效果,如电影胶片、宝丽来胶片效果、波拉潘胶片效果、富士胶片效果、柯达胶片效果等等,多达25类,数百种胶片效果。

[Alien Skin Exposure X2 在 官网上售价149美元,约合人民币 900元]

Alien Skin Exposure X2 for Mac 介绍

Exposure X2 is an advanced RAW photo editor and organizer that improves every step in your editing workflow. Use it to quickly organize your images, nondestructively edit your photos, and apply gorgeous looks and special effects.

What’s New in Alien Skin Exposure X2:

Complete Photo Manager


  • File and folder operations (copy, move, rename, delete)
  • Flags/Stars/Colors for organizing and culling
  • Filtering and filter presets to see only the photos you are interested in
  • new Drag files to Apple Finder or Windows Explorer to copy or move them
  • Drag an image or folder onto Exposure to visit that folder and create a bookmark
  • Metadata display in the thumbnails, preview, and panel
  • Batch file renaming
  • new Adjust capture time
  • new Full text search to find images by a variety of criteria
  • new Enhanced selection and sorting options
  • new Enhanced export options (file type, resizing, and renaming)
  • new Ability to create and manage workflow presets (import, export, categorize, rename, and more)

Support for a variety of DSLR and mirrorless cameras

  • NEW Lens distortion correction for a variety of popular lenses
  • Supports a variety of file types (RAW, TIFF, JPEG, DNG)

NEW PSD support

  • Browse thumbnails for Photoshop files
  • Add Exposure effects to Photoshop composites
  • Launch Photoshop directly from Exposure

Non-destructive editing

Catalog-free workflow

  • No need to import images
  • Easy moving of images between computers or external storage
  • Easy backup
  • Cloud syncing to easily work from multiple computers or collaborate

Copy from card

  • Copy from multiple cards at once
  • Work on other things while copy happens in background

Send a photo to an external editor and then bring back the results


Over 500 Gorgeous Presets

  • Accurate film emulation, spanning the entire history of film photography
  • Subtle, modern portrait films
  • Saturation boost for landscapes
  • High-contrast black and white
  • Vintage looks, such as daguerreotype
  • Cinema looks
  • Infrared
  • new Faded looks for a hazy, dreamy effect
  • Hundreds more beautiful looks

Basic Effects

Basic operations

  • Exposure, contrast, saturation, and other common adjustments
  • White balance eyedropper
  • Temperature and tint controls
  • Detail Panel – noise reduction and sharpening
  • new Adjustable histogram with clipping overlays
  • new History panel to retrace editing steps and see specific slider values
  • Adjustable overall intensity slider to blend effects with original image

System Requirements:

  • Apple Mac users need OS X Yosemite (10.10) or newer
  • Microsoft Windows users need Windows 8 64-bit or newer
  • An Intel Core 2 processor or compatible
  • A monitor with 1280×768 resolution or greater

Exposure X2 is a complete photo editing and organizing solution. It can also be used as a creative editing plug-in. The plug-in requirements are as follows:

Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 or newer

Adobe Lightroom 6 or Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 or newer

Alien Skin Exposure X2 for Mac 破解版 – 模拟胶片效果调色滤镜-麦氪派

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