3DWeather for Mac 1.9.8 激活版 – 非常漂亮的3D动画天气工具


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3DWeather 是一款Mac上非常漂亮的3D动画天气工具,以3D动画的方式显示天气信息,具有多个主题模式可选,非常好玩的一款天气工具!

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3DWeather for Mac 1.9.8 介绍

3DWeather is an impressive weather application for Mac that shows weather information in an amazing style. It lets you keep a 3D animated widget on the desktop that generates scenic representation of the present weather condition. One can also hide the widget and access the app from Menubar. This is how it becomes super easy and quick to get latest weather updates and forecast whenever you need them.

Hover over the widget and wait for some time. A pop up window will automatically appear with the basic weather details and statistics.


The app will never get monotonous and look old to you, because, like seasons, it will change it’s look. 3DWeather comes packed with themes featuring different scenes, places and atmosphere.

It has a total of 21 themes, containing different natural elements and atmosphere. We've been constantly updating 3DWeather with new themes and features to make it an ideal weather app for you.


3DWeather lets you customize it to such extent that it will become your very own personal weather assistant.


3DWeather fetches weather stats from Weather Underground which is the most accurate and detailed weather forecast provider available world wide till date.

  • Humidity
  • Dew Point
  • UV index
  • Wind chill
  • Heat index
  • Visibility
  • WNW
  • Precipitation in percentage
  • Precipitation in mm
  • Sunset and Sunrise timing with last update time
  • Hourly weather forecast for the next 36 hours
  • Daily weather forecast for the next 4 days


You will get timely weather alert directly sent to the Notification Center about recent updates and developments on weather throughout the day.


  • Save up to 10 locations in the app.
  • Open app at login.
  • Browse weather forecast from Menu Bar.
  • Use weather icon in dock with temperature status.
  • Float widget on top of everything in Desktop.
  • Adjust transparency of widget.
  • Choose from four different widget sizes.
  • Get weather alert in Notification Center with sound.
  • Get feeds from other weather info provider and use it in the app.
  • Change weather icons from 2 different icon sets that is available in the app.
  • View weather info and forecast in Window Style and view it in fullscreen from there.
  • Free future updates with new themes guaranteed.

So, download 3DWeather today and embrace a new approach of displaying weather forecast which is both informative and delightful to look at.

3DWeather for Mac 1.9.8 激活版 – 非常漂亮的3D动画天气工具-麦氪派
3DWeather for Mac 1.9.8 激活版 – 非常漂亮的3D动画天气工具-麦氪派
3DWeather for Mac 1.9.8 激活版 – 非常漂亮的3D动画天气工具-麦氪派
3DWeather for Mac 1.9.8 激活版 – 非常漂亮的3D动画天气工具-麦氪派

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