2Do 2 for Mac 2.3.1 激活版 – 优秀的待办事项管理GTD工具


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2Do for Mac让你用一个全新的方式来管理您的任务。凭借其极其简单易用的界面和全面的,灵活的强大的功能,它可以让你专注于你的生活。使用2Do for Mac是绝对赞的,它不像其他的待办事项应用程序,它不会强迫你使用特定的任务管理方法。 2DO更注重你个人的管理想法,当你开始使用2Do for Mac时,做好准备被惊艳到吧!

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2Do 2 for Mac 2.3.1 介绍


  • 创建简单的任务,或清单和子任务的项目。任务可以有注释,附件和多个报警。
  • 使用一套灵活的重复选项设置任何任务。


  • 除了内置对焦清单,让您可以方便地查看即将到来,出演或计划任务,您可以创建多个列表来管理和组织您的任务。
  • 智能列表让你驾驭2DO的真正潜力,使用一些搜索选项,筛选和搜索预设置。使用智能列表,你可以创建你的任务自定义视图,并用它们来集中式或发现经常管理任务。
  • 此外,相关的智能列表和列表可以在你想要的顺序使用List集团组合在一起。


  • 快速专注于自己的项目和他们的子任务
  • Access项目视图直接从列表视图或使用键盘快捷键
  • 使用项目视图焦点过滤器和排序选项,可分别适用于单个项目

2Do lets you take a completely different approach to managing your tasks. With its extremely simple-to-use interface and a comprehensive and flexible set of powerful features, it lets you focus on what's most important to you: your life. There is no wrong way of using 2Do, and unlike other to-do apps, it won't force you to adhere to a particular task-management methodology.


What's new in v2.3.1:


  • When batch deferring or scheduling tasks, in addition to picking a date, you can now 'Postpone' them instead using an interval such as 1 day, 10 days, 2 weeks, 3 months and so on.


  • Fixes a bug where the app may crash when batch tagging
  • Fixed other stability improvements


Version 2.3:

  • Touch Bar support for the new Macbook Pro
  • Use Touch ID with the new Macbook Pro to unlock your protected lists
  • When using the Notification center alert method, you can now complete tasks directly from alerts
  • Optionally, auto-fill quick entry notes with text from the clipboard
  • Option to set the Return key as a way of creating new tasks from Settings > Advanced
Several New Keyboard Shortcuts To Speed Things Up:
  • Use 'X' on selected tasks to batch edit durations
  • Use 'L' on selected tasks to append new tags
  • Use 'CMD+O' to quickly toggle between showing completed tasks (based on your existing preference) and hiding them
  • - Use 'F' to quickly find and highlight a task within the list
  • - Use '/' to quickly enter Tag filter mode and type in the name of the tag to filter on
  • - Use 'E' to batch set due time / start times to task. If you've enabled auto-alerts at due times, this now enables you to quickly create alerts for multiple tasks at the same time.
  • - New shortcut for toggling Search Scope (Edit Menu > Find)
  • Durations can now be set upto 90 minutes/hours/days/weeks instead of 60
  • Keyboard shortcut added to toggle Search Scope
  • When deferring / scheduling tasks, bottom shortcut buttons can now be accessed by keyboard shortcuts
  • When using the Jump Bar (Keyboard shortcut: J) to switch between lists, 2Do now auto-collapses previously collapsed lists and groups
  • Hitting Return after pressing 'D' to defer tasks now auto-selects the selected date
  • When editing or creating locations, right-click to drop pin to the new location
  • Right click on a List Group to colorize all contained lists in one go
  • Fixed a bug where using durations with due dates would cause the task to appear as overdue at times
  • Several bug fixes and general performance improvements
2Do 2 for Mac 2.3.1 激活版 – 优秀的待办事项管理GTD工具-麦氪派
2Do 2 for Mac 2.3.1 激活版 – 优秀的待办事项管理GTD工具-麦氪派
2Do 2 for Mac 2.3.1 激活版 – 优秀的待办事项管理GTD工具-麦氪派
2Do 2 for Mac 2.3.1 激活版 – 优秀的待办事项管理GTD工具-麦氪派
2Do 2 for Mac 2.3.1 激活版 – 优秀的待办事项管理GTD工具-麦氪派

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