Yoink 是一款对于小屏幕很实用的文件拖放中转工具,它会在你屏幕的左侧中间地带(可以设置成右侧)生成一个专门临时存放文件的抽屉,在拖放的时候你可以将源文件先拖放到这个抽屉里边,然后再找到目标窗口,最后抽屉拖到目标窗口里,能够节省大量窗口切换的时间和不便,非常的不错的一款效率工具

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Yoink for Mac 3.4 介绍

那么如果你也经常因为屏幕尺寸小,在 Mac 系统中拖放文件感觉很不方便的话,强烈推荐你试试 Yoink 这个小程序。


该程序有一个非常人性化的设计,就是抽屉平时并不会显示出来,只有当你拖放文件,或者抽屉里已经有临时保存的文件之后,才会显示。不得不说这个小软件对于小屏幕 Mac 笔记本的同学来说实在是非常实用。

Yoink helps by making drag-and-drop between Spaces or full-screen apps easier.

Every time you start dragging a file, Yoink fades in a tiny window on the left edge of your screen so you can drag files to it. This frees up your mouse so you can comfortably navigate to the destination of the drop and resume the drag from Yoink's window.

For updates and news, please follow @eternalstorms on twitter!


Version 3.4:

  • Add your clipboard's contents to Yoink (either via Yoink's Advanced button at the lower left or by long-pressing its keyboard shortcut - see Yoink's Behavior preferences to set it up)
  • Long-press Yoink's keyboard shortcut to recall previously removed files now also works if Yoink's window is already shown
  • Preference for long-pressing Yoink's keyboard shortcut: "Bring back previously removed files" or "Add from clipboard"
  • PopClip Integration: If you have PopClip by PilotMoon installed, you can now use it to send selected text to Yoink (open Yoink's Advanced preferences to install the plugin)
  • UPDATE: please visit https://blog.eternalstorms.at/2017/10/03/fix-for-yoink-3-4s-popclip-integration/
  • Improved compatibility with Horos app
  • Improved compatibility with JPEGmini
  • Improved compatibility with macOS High Sierra's Messages and Mail apps
  • Improved compatibility with Parallels
  • Improved compatibility with ForkLift
  • Improved compatibility with Keka
  • When you log out of your Mac and have Yoink hidden, it will also hide when you launch it after the next login
  • Improved Yoink's Korean localization in some places
  • Improved Yoink's Share extension for URLs/links for macOS El Capitan and earlier
  • Fixed Yoink's menu bar icon's menu's "Bring back previously removed files" behaving erratically
  • Yoink doesn't keep fading out anymore when bringing back files when Yoink isn't holding any files
  • Fixed a crash when opening Yoink's About window on some MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models
  • Fixed a bug in macOS High Sierra where a drag sometimes would result in a selection of files in Yoink instead of a drag
Yoink for Mac 3.4 破解版 – Mac 上实用的文件中转停靠栏-爱情守望者
Yoink for Mac 3.4 破解版 – Mac 上实用的文件中转停靠栏-爱情守望者
Yoink for Mac 3.4 破解版 – Mac 上实用的文件中转停靠栏-爱情守望者
Yoink for Mac 3.4 破解版 – Mac 上实用的文件中转停靠栏-爱情守望者
Yoink for Mac 3.4 破解版 – Mac 上实用的文件中转停靠栏-爱情守望者

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