WebDrive for mac的连接界面友好且令人熟悉,操作容易,能够轻易地编辑FTP服务器上的文件,以及实现文件传输,使用起来非常的流畅,支持FTP传输文件的中断续传。

[WebDrive 在官网售价39.95美元,约合人民币240元]

WebDrive for Mac 2017.0 介绍

  • WebDrive(FTP客户端程序)软件功能:
  • 支持FTP传输文件的中断续传;
  • 密码安全保护功能;
  • 文件锁定功能,防止用户不小心覆盖其他用户的更改;
  • 文件备份功能;
  • 更快的压缩转移速度。

WebDrive's instantly familiar interface lets you fluently work with cloud storage, local files, and files on remote servers through one common access point. Use WebDrive instead of the traditional FTP client, WebDAV, or SFTP client to reduce the steps of updating remote content.

Connect to popular cloud storage servers through the convenience of a mounted volume in Finder and work with files on OneDrive, Box.Net, Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon S3 and others just like local files on your Mac. It’s like having the cloud on a USB drive.

WebDrive for Mac 2017.0 破解版 – FTP客户端-爱情守望者

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