Sketch for Mac 46 破解版 - Mac上专业的矢量绘图工具

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新一代版本帝刷存在感了。Sketch 是一款Mac上小巧但功能强大的矢量绘图软件,最新版本,增加了大量新的功能,尤其是Sketch Mirror,相比其他的矢量绘图软件,比如AI,Sketch的优点在于使用简单,学习曲线低,让我们能够用Sketch快速的绘制图形,可以说是轻量级的 AI,Sketch 提供了基本的形状,支持自动切图,PDF、EPS、SVG等格式文件的导入和导出,并且增加了移动设计模板,非常适合进行网站设计。

[Sketch 在 官网上售价129美元,约合人民币780元]

Sketch for Mac 46 介绍




除了以上功能,还可以导入的图片,可以旋转,缩放,裁剪和屏蔽。最好的一流的文字工具,您可以添加漂亮的印刷字体到您的设计,使用本地字体渲染,所以你可以肯定的是文字看起来总是100 %准确!

全新的Sketch 3,符号允许您重用的内容在多个地方整个群体在您的设计。觉得界面元素,如按钮,页眉和页脚。改变他们一次,他们无处不在更新您的文档中。

Sketch支持OS X的版本和自动保存,不需要CMD + S保存,可以让你专注于你的工作保持你的工作,同时通过iCloud能在多个Mac电脑同步。


Version 46:

  • Fix Width and Fix Height resizing options can now be toggled by clicking on their labels
  • Installing plugin updates is now much faster
  • Sketch now informs you if the plugin you’re attempting to install is incompatible
  • When measuring the distance between text layers, holding the Control key now measures the distance from the baseline and cap height, rather than the bounding box of the layer
  • Improved appearance of Text Styles with large paragraph spacing in the Insert › Styled Text menu
  • "Resize to Fit" has returned to be shown in the main Artboard Inspector
  • Added option to export the current selection via the Share menu
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Sync Shared Style (Control-S) and Reset Shared Style (Option-Control-S) menu options
  • Improved behavior when opening older files with missing fonts
  • Pixel Fitting preferences have been simplified and reduced to just a single option
  • Fixed a bug where some plugin scripts would not work as expected with the macOS High Sierra beta
  • Fixed a bug where inserting a duplicated layer into a group wouldn’t update the group bounds
  • Fixed a bug that would break symlinks (aliases) in some plugin framework bundles
  • Fixed a bug where the Canvas wouldn’t refresh as expected when inserting layers after having used the Pencil tool
  • Fixed a bug where updating plugins nested in folders within the Plugins Folder would move them from their original location
  • Fixed a bug where a layer with two Image Fills within a Symbol would override the wrong image
  • Fixed a bug where the Insert Symbol preview in the menu and on the mouse cursor wouldn’t match the dimensions of the symbol
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when exiting the text editor by selecting a different layer in the Layer List
  • Fixed a bug where tapping Run on the Custom Script dialog via the Touch Bar would close the dialog instead of running the script
  • Fixed a bug where rounded corners could go the wrong way in extreme situations
  • Fixed a bug where the "Set to Original Dimensions" option wouldn’t be disabled when the selected image was already at its original size
  • Fixed a bug where the name and weight of missing fonts in Shared Text Style menus would not be shown
  • Fixed a bug with resizing controls, where top-aligned layers could be moved unexpectedly when resizing their parent Artboard
  • Fixed a bug where fills applied within the bitmap editor would ignore the opacity of the selected color
  • Fixed a bug where "Resize to Fit" wouldn’t always accurately fit Artboards around Center borders
  • Fixed a bug where you would be informed of incompatible plugins being disabled, even if they were already disabled
  • Fixed a bug where shapes trailing text layers in Symbols wouldn’t properly move to make room for text overrides
  • Fixed a bug where document Quick Look previews weren’t always generated as expected
  • Fixed a bug where aligning layers within a group wouldn’t re-adjust the size of the group
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when hovering over certain layers in the Layer List

Sketch for Mac 46 破解版 - Mac上专业的矢量绘图工具

Sketch for Mac 45.2 破解版 - Mac上专业的矢量绘图工具

Sketch for Mac 45.2 破解版 - Mac上专业的矢量绘图工具

Sketch for Mac 46 破解版 - Mac上专业的矢量绘图工具

Sketch for Mac 46 破解版 - Mac上专业的矢量绘图工具

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