1. Install
  2. Start the RLM executable to float the solidangle.lic

If you already have a RLM server up and running just copy the .lic and .set file to your RLM directory
and reread/restart your server.

Note: You have 2 options to let the Arnold plugin know where your RLM server is running:

a) Create an environment variable: solidangle_LICENSE=5053@localhost (change port and server if necessary)

b) Use the provided "solidangle_client.lic" file. Search in your plugin installation folder for ai.dll on Windows libai.so on Linux, and libai.dylib on OSX and copy the "solidangle_client.lic" file there (change port and server if necessary)

If you need more help on setting up the RLM stuff check out:

- https://support.solidangle.com/display/AILIC/Setting+up+a+License+Server - https://support.solidangle.com/display/AILIC/Setting+up+Client+Machines