Install VFX Suite 1.0 plugin, end click to CLOSE !!!

Open the AE software, find the plugin to use, click on Licensing... Enter the serial number of the corresponding plugin below, and click Register to complete the plugin registration.

Chromatic Displacement: VXBF1575880378218299

King Pin Tracker: VKPF1505910585082579

Knoll Light Factory: KLPF3989222681789065

Optical Glow: VOGF1595830396520891

Primatte Keyer: VP6F1585909270728158

Reflection: VXXF1545921787095659

Shadow: VSHF1525831092422292

Spot Clone Tracker: VXAF1535866988923613

Supercomp: VXCF1575894268749950