Principle for Mac 3.0.0 破解版 – Mac平台交互动效设计神器

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Principle 是一款交互设计工具,五分钟即可制作出一个具有完整交互动画的原型,并且可将交互动画生成视频或者 Gif 分享到 Dribbble、Twitter 等社交平台。此外 Principle 还支持多种尺寸的原型设计,包括 Apple Watch。

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Principle for Mac 3.0.0 介绍

Principle makes it easy to create animated and interactive user interface designs. Go beyond static mockups and create living designs that express feeling. Whether you're designing the flow of a multi-screen app, or fun new interactions and animations, Principle lets you create designs that look and feel amazing.

The familiar interface enables app designers to show their animated designs to clients, managers and the development team - gone are the days of handwaving and long meetings.

Inspired by studying how some of the world’s best user interface designers work, Principle combines the design, animation and interaction tools you need into a lightweight, easy-to-learn interface.

Principle is retina-ready and built on the same rendering and animation system that powers OS X and iOS, so you can be confident that your designs will match reality.


Visual design

Interact with layers, artboards and animations, not code, so you can focus on what you do best: thinking visually. Design each state of your app, and Principle will automatically animate between them.

Instant Feedback

Interact with your ideas as soon as you have them, not after weeks of development time — on your iOS device or in Principle’s preview.

Room for Your Ideas

Principle doesn’t constrain you to pre-canned animations and transitions, so you can design experiences that are entirely new.

A Native Experience

Designed for OS X and built on Core Animation, Principle has the performance, shortcuts and power that you expect from a native app.

Be Understood

Export a movie, animated gif, or share the design itself to explain your ideas, track development progress, and show clients.


Version 3.0:

  • Components can send events to parent
  • Send events to a component
  • Lockable layers
  • Drivers can now drive fill color, stroke color, and shadow color
  • Editing an animation plays it in the preview
  • Added option to import only the selected artboards from Sketch
  • Support for Sketch overrides
  • Added "touchable" option to make overlay layers
  • Export Images of Selected Layers added to the File Menu
  • "Select layer" added to canvas' context menu
  • Improved animation UI for layer names that don't exist on both artboards.
  • Sketch reimport maintains Principle/Sketch layer ordering
  • Sketch reimport maintains scroll settings
  • Add import support for flipped layers in Sketch
  • Components can be inserted from the insert menu
  • Resize components better when component's artboard size changes.
  • Improved Sketch import of blurred layers
  • Clicking event popup shows hint that you need to drag
  • Improved cmd-click and double-click layer selection
  • New layers are given a random color
  • Color picker defaults focus to the hex field for quick copy and paste of hex values
  • Ungrouping will select the newly ungrouped layers
  • Copying and pasting a layer will also copy and paste the events on it
  • Principle will pan to the selected layer if it is out of view
  • Rewinding preview restarts video layers
  • Improved copy/paste performance
  • Events arrows are more tightly packed
  • When the stroke color is changed, stroke width will be set to 1 if it is 0
  • Changing font size will resize the text layer to fit.
  • Show that the animation and drivers operate on the center X and Y of a layer
  • Export for mac now exports to the current file's directory
  • Events are now created directly on components, instead of a group around the component
  • Alt+dragging a layer to a new artboard will keep its old name
  • Improved performance for files that use a lot of fonts
  • Smaller files sizes for files that use a lot of components
  • Resizing component's artboard better resizes all instances of the components
  • Fixed components sometimes pasting incorrectly
  • Fixed preview window shadow
  • Fixed preview window capturing keyboard events when mouse was over it
  • Fixed playback bugs relating to components
  • Fixed a bug that misplaced recently-detached components
  • Fixed bug causing preview window to disappear when dragged to secondary monitor
  • Fixed a bug that showed animating layers even when all animations were turned off in a transition
  • Fixed bug causing the preview window to show shadows with double the radius it should have
  • Fixed a bug that allowed adding layers incorrectly to component instances
  • Fixed a bug that didn't restart auto animations when the preview was rewound
  • Fixed a bug causing inspector field stepper buttons to resize incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug that created multiple copies of a layer dragged in from Sketch
  • Fixed a bug causing Principle to use component artboard size for new files
  • Fixed Sketch import failing when the Sketch file was corrupted
  • Fix a crash when zooming in really far in the canvas
  • Fix bug that occasionally caused canvas to pan after box selecting

Principle for Mac 3.0.0 破解版 - Mac平台交互动效设计神器

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