DoubleTake 是一款Mac上优秀的全景照片拼接软件,,可以直接将图片拖拽到视图中进行编辑,图片重叠部分会自动融合最后合并成为一张全景图像,简单易用,很不错!

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DoubleTake for Mac 2.4.9 介绍

DoubleTake is for Mac users who like compact cameras, but sometimes wish they could magically pull out a wide angle lens of their pocket, or plug in a sensor with a few extra megapixels for that large print.

DoubleTake handles this by giving you both automatic and manual control of how to stitch photos perfectly, with simple drag-and-drop.


Version 2.4.9:

    • Hundreds of tiny changes, code cleanup, just behaving well in time for upcoming (2018) versions of macOS
    • [Updated] Built on macOS 10.13 High Sierra with XCode 9.1 - newest Apple developer tools
    • [Updated] Replaced all use of API Apple has deprecated with the modern replacements Apple recommends.
    • [Updated] Fixed all warnings which XCode's default settings suggests
DoubleTake for Mac 2.4.9 序号版 – 优秀的全景照片拼接软件-爱情守望者

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