Cisdem DataRecovery可以帮助您恢复宝贵的丢失的数据,文档,电子邮件,视频,音乐,照片和丢失的分区,从任何一台Mac支持的数据存储介质,包括内置/外置硬盘,USB驱动器,SD卡,光盘,存储卡,数码相机,音乐播放器等,这是惊人的快,准确,一件轻而易举的使用。立即下载,下五分钟内找回丢失从,删除,格式化,逻辑损坏的情况下您的数据。

[Cisdem DataRecovery 在官网售价49.99美元,约合人民币300元]

Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac 4.2.3 介绍

Cisdem Data Recovery, with its advanced scanning technology and directory restructuring algorithm, can help you recover lost valuable data, documents, emails, videos, music, photos, and lost partitions from any Mac-supported data-storage media, including internal/external hard drives, USB drives, SD card, optical media, memory cards, digital cameras, mobile phone (iPhone not included), iPods etc. It's amazingly fast, accurate, and a breeze to use. Download now and get back your data from lost, deleted, formatted, logical corrupted situation within the next five minutes.

What's New in Data Recovery 4
  • Two scan modes: quick scan and deep scan
  • Add support for file recovery of 20+ formats, such as, *.bpg, *.c4d, *.che, *.gp2, *.hdr, *.jks, *.prd, *.xml, *.zcode, etc.
  • Optimize data recovery efficiency for most file formats, including *.doc, *.mov, *.flv, *.gz, *.mp3, *.png, *.txt, *.tiff, *.zip, *.cow, etc.
  • Redesigned intuitive UI

Besides, you will get optimized performance in some other features:

  • Four data recovery modes for any situation you may encounter: document recovery, media recovery, archive file recovery, and universal recovery
  • Restore lost, deleted, formatted, logical corrupted files from virtually any internal or external storage device
  • Fully support HFS+, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, etc., file systems
  • Preview files in image, video, audio, and document formats
  • Users can set file extensions before scanning the disks
  • Filter the search results by file names, sizes to find files quickly
  • Classify and export the recoverable data according to file types
  • v4.2.3版本新功能

    Version 4.2.3:

    • Enhanced the ability to recover files from SSDs
    • Optimized the UI for recovering files on macOS 10.13 High Sierra