AirServer是一款Mac上非常好用的AirPlay终端工具,通过这款软件,利用 AirPlay 技术,iPhone或iPad就可以无线连接到Mac上,不需要在iPhone或iPad上安装任何软件,就可以实时显示iPhone或iPad的屏幕。

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AirServer 7 for Mac 7.1.4 介绍


AirServer is a Mac application that adds AirPlay/AirTunes audio, video, photo, slideshow and mirroring receiving capabilities to your Mac. With AirServer you can now receive audio, videos, photos or slideshows from any AirPlay compatible application running on your Mac, PC or iOS device.


Version 7.1.4:

  • Fixed various macOS 10.13 High Sierra-related issues
  • Fixed compatibility with OS X 10.8 and 10.9
AirServer 7 for Mac 7.1.4 破解版 – 好用的iPhone屏幕镜像工具-爱情守望者

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